GigaChip Alliance Request license

The GigaChip Interface is an ecosystem of semiconductor suppliers collaborating to promote and further the development of the GigaChip Interface, an open, royalty-free interoperable high-speed serial chip-to-chip communications interface standard for high-speed networking systems. Developed by MoSys, Inc., the GigaChip Interface is an open, CEI-11 compatible high-bandwidth, low-latency interface for reliable point-to-point communication of fixed-size frames over short distances. The GigaChip Interface is groundbreaking technology that has been developed specifically for serial chip-to-chip communications targeting high-speed networking applications.

The GigaChip Interface was founded in July 2010 by MoSys, Inc. GigaChip Interface promoters consist of the leading companies Altera Corporation, LSI Corporation , MoSys, Inc., and Xilinx, Inc.